Drusilla Seafood Restaurant


Crawfish by Drusilla

Drusilla Seafood Restaurant would like to do your Crawfish Boil.

We boil Louisiana crawfish, corn and potatoes beginning in March and ending in June. Join us at the restaurant or our catering facility, which can accommodate up to 600 people. Off site crawfish boils are also available. We can supply everything you need to make your crawfish boil a success. Please give us an opportunity to work with you in submitting a proposal for your next boil. Contact us today.


We Ship Nationwide

Drusilla Seafood Restaurant can ship you live crawfish out of state.

Live crawfish will be priced per pound based on market price. Shipping cost averages $55.00 – $60.00 dollars per 100 pounds of total weight. Our charge for the shipping boxes are $25.00 per box (90 pounds of live crawfish will fit in each box). There will also be a $20.00 charge for delivery to the airport. Contact us today.